Hammerl GmbH & Co. KG

The Violin Varnish Manufactory


Including every item necessary for varnishing
a violin (lute, lyre, guitar etc.).
Beginning with pre-stain, stain, primer, color varnish, coating, through to varnish brushes , polishing oil, pumice, buffing paper, Polish, right up to diluting agent, gloss and varnish cleaner and a stain sponge.

Detailed instructions for varnishing are also included.

Available in Spirit- and Oil varnish.
We recommend that you use the oil varnish as it is much easier to apply than the spirit varnish.



  • Oil varnish - Varnishing assortment II

    46.00 €

  • Spirit Varnishing assortment II

    43.50 €

  • Oil varnish - Varnishing assortment I for Double Bass

    170.00 €

  • Oil varnish - Varnishing assortment I for Cello

    149.00 €

  • Oil varnish - Varnishing assortment I for violin

    91.00 €

  • Spirit varnishin-assortment I, for Double Bass

    157.00 €

  • Spirit varnishin-assortment I, for Cello

    141.00 €

  • Spirit varnishin-assortment I, for violin

    85.00 €